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Harming Parents

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Harming Parents

In order to indoctrinate children, political activists seek to separate children from the influence of their parents by undermining parental authority.

School boards violate parental rights by allowing political radicals to advocate LGBT lifestyles in the earliest grades of elementary school without parental knowledge, consent, or involvement. Children are also being told that religious values taught at home are hateful – and that their parents and grandparents are intolerant and bigoted if they do not accept the radical redefinitions of sex, marriage, and family.

School boards are further marginalizing parents by not allowing them to opt their children out of these controversial classes. Refusing to let parents know about and approve of controversial material being taught to their children, particularly when it is sexual in nature, and refusing to allow parents to opt their children out of participating in these classes, violates and damages parental rights. Removing parents from their rightful responsibility for the moral and sexual development of their children destroys the credibility and authority of parents, damages the parent-child relationship, and marginalizes the institution of the family.

We believe that parents have the superior right and responsibility for the education and moral training of their children. Public education exists solely to assist parents in educating their offspring, and is accountable to parents. Schools must focus on teaching academics and eliminate any political or sexual indoctrination or recruitment. And parents must maintain the right to remove their children from material they deem to be offensive or damaging.


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