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Out of Control Schools

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Out of Control Schools

Elementary schools have become a significant battle ground in the cultural war over conflicting values.

Well-organized political activists are manipulating what’s being taught in public schools in an effort to promote alternative sexual lifestyles as the new “normal.” Their tactics include subverting the concept of family, usurping the role of parents, and using children to accomplish their political agenda.

School boards and teachers unions have enthusiastically signed on, and are integrating alternative sexual lifestyles and new family structures into curricula, instructional materials, and school programs throughout the country, without the knowledge and consent of parents.

Why hasn’t all of this caused a major public controversy? Because most people have no idea this is happening in the classroom. Partly because their lives are so busy they can’t monitor public schools. Partly because the elite media supports these alternative sexual lifestyle programs and won’t expose them. Partly because schools are intentionally hiding these programs from parents and the public.


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