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Article: “Maine Public Schools Under Pressure to Let Boys Use Girls’ Restrooms”

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Maine Public Schools Under Pressure to Let Boys Use Girls’ Restrooms
Posted by Catherine Snow
CitizenLink – 09/23/10

The Maine Human Rights Commission ruled this week that Orono Middle School discriminated against a sixth-grade male student who wants to live as a female by only offering the student access to a gender-neutral bathroom.

The Commission said it will work with the state education commissioner to add rules pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity, as it pertains to education, in the Maine Human Rights Act.

Dr. Dean Byrd, president of the Thrasher Research Fund, said that the school appeared to provide a safe environment, but the Commission appears to be pushing a “transgender” political agenda.

“Children should be safe at school, but I’m not so sure that particular worldviews ought to be primary,” Byrd said. “Diversity by its very definition means different world views and those different world views may contradict the worldviews of particular families, so I think parents ought to be concerned.”

“When you get into areas of gender identity, development, sexual orientation, we’re talking about worldviews,” he added.  “It’s certainly a slippery slope, schools ought to educate, not indoctrinate.”


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