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News: “Louisiana Endorses ‘Broken’ Biology Texts”

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Louisiana Endorses ‘Broken’ Biology Texts
Posted by Bill Bumpas
OneNewsNow – 12/15/2010

A pro-family leader in Louisiana is taking to task the state’s recent decision to approve biology textbooks he says present errors.

Despite complaints from conservatives that evolution is presented as truth without encouraging criticism or debate about the theory, new high school biology textbooks have been approved by Louisiana’s education board. The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted 8-2 last week to approve the new textbooks.  Gene Mills, president of the Louisiana Family Forum, tells OneNewsNow the new texts fail to explain scientific disagreements over evolution.
“It presents the material as though it were factual and doctrinaire; it presents errors that have been known to be disproven; and [it] continues to repeat things that have been pointed out in other states to the same publishers,” he explains. In addition, according to Mills, it “dumbs down” the material for the state of Louisiana.
“And pointing that out is even an impermissible objective, it appears today,” he adds.
The board’s backing does not mean immediate distribution of the new books, notes the Forum’s spokesman, as local school districts decide when and how to purchase books. Mills says one superintendent has told him he will never purchase the new ones.
“And that’s been our encouragement…that the books are compromised,” he continues. “You may want to think twice about expending limited resources and taxpayer monies on something that is a known, broken product. We’re encouraging them to just keep the old product from the last cycle at a much reduced rate — it’s just as broken, but it doesn’t cost anything new.”
Mills says the board’s decision is not really a setback because the law of the land is still the Louisiana Science Education Act, which allows the teacher to supplement subject-specific material — so challenges to evolution can still be taught.


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