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News: “Anti-Bullying Campaign – Avenue For Advocacy”

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Anti-Bullying Campaign – Avenue For Advocacy
Posted by Bill Bumpas
OneNewsNow – 1/3/2011

A pro-family group in Minnesota is concerned that more school districts across the state could soon expand their anti-bullying policies to specify sexual orientation.

The Star Tribune reported in November that the Minnesota School Board Association had advised districts across the state to expand their “harassment and violence” policies to specify several more groups — including students who identify themselves as lesbian, “gay,” bisexual, or transgender (LGBT).
Tom Prichard, president of Minnesota Family Council, acknowledges that bullying is a problem in schools and that there should be zero tolerance towards any form of bullying.
“We stand with the victims of bullying, whoever they are, that this needs to be addressed,” Prichard tells OneNewsNow. “It is a problem in different situations and we need to go after it — but we need to do it in the appropriate way that we don’t create more problems than already exist.”
He is uneasy about the recommendation by the Minnesota School Board Association, telling the Star Tribune that singling out sexual orientation “often leads to use of curriculum which promotes homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage.” He expresses similar concerns to OneNewsNow.
“Our concern has been there’s been efforts to utilize that as a vehicle by some of the gay activists to get into the schools and to teach and affirm homosexuality and a homosexual behavior and lifestyle,” he shares. “And we think that goes beyond just addressing the bullying issue to an advocacy role.”
Prichard argues that school officials need to address the bad behavior of the bully rather than focusing on the identity and characteristics of the victim.  By categorizing the victim, the family advocate believes it gives preferential treatment or acknowledgement to certain groups.


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