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Resource: “America’s Gay Obsession”

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America’s Gay Obsession
Culture, politics, marriage, even the military – why homosexuality is advancing
Whistleblower Single Issue – November 2010
Published by Regnery Publishing

About the Article:

It’s a classic, war-time sneak attack.

While Americans’ attention is riveted on fierce midterm battles and the subsequent power struggle in response to Barack Obama’s attempted socialist revolution, a second stunning coup – one every bit as dangerous to the nation – is rapidly progressing toward victory with almost no notice or publicity.

For the past two decades, the powerful “gay rights” lobby has been crusading tirelessly to promote special legal rights for homosexuals, indoctrinate the nation’s schoolchildren with their worldview, radically redefine the institution of marriage, repeal the U.S. military’s time-tested rules of conduct, intimidate and discredit any and all critics, and – perhaps worst of all – criminalize and punish the open expression of Judeo-Christian moral beliefs.

This highly coordinated effort, once extremely controversial but today basically greenlighted by politicians and the press – including key conservatives – is rapidly advancing toward total victory, after which any return to Christian morality in American law and culture will become almost impossible.

This extraordinary under-the-radar blitzkrieg is the focus of the November issue of WND’s monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled “AMERICA’S ‘GAY’ OBSESSION.”

Despite recent shocking news reports – like the CDC’s revelation that 1 in 5 homosexual males in the U.S. is infected with HIV/AIDS and new studies proving children raised by same-sex parents are far more likely to commit homosexual acts themselves than other kids – the radical “gay rights” agenda, including same-sex marriage and open homosexuality throughout the armed forces, is about to be forced down Americans’ throats.

Ironically, despite the almost total capitulation of America’s elite class on this agenda – including the news media and pundits both left and right – Americans themselves overwhelmingly reject it.

Indeed, while same-sex marriage has been imposed on Americans by rogue judges (in Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, Connecticut and Iowa) and rogue legislatures (Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire), not a single state has seen its citizens vote in favor of “gay marriage.” In fact, 41 states have passed statutes defining marriage as between a man and a woman, and 30 states have added language to their own state constitutions defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

In light of this growing rift between regular Americans and the political and cultural elite, WND Managing Editor David Kupelian asks the obvious question: “With the nation trying to counter a maniacal socialist coup in Washington, an economy in dire freefall and a wholesale invasion of the U.S. across our southern border, why should anyone care about same-sex marriage at all?”

The answer, says Kupelian: “We all better care, because once gay marriage is legalized in America – something for which there’s no precedent in 5,000 years of Western Civilization – schools will be required to indoctrinate children that homosexuality is perfectly normal and healthy, pastors and rabbis will fear preaching their faith’s core moral values, gender confusion and gross immorality will dominate our culture, polygamy and other bizarre ‘marriage’ arrangements will be legalized, and much more – in short, America will become unrecognizable, regardless of who’s president and which party is in power.”

Highlights of “AMERICA’S ‘GAY’ OBSESSION” include:

  • “The great ‘homo con'” by Joseph Farah, on how “gay” activists are cleverly infiltrating and subverting the conservative movement
  • “The fear factor” by David Kupelian, on the real reason so many people who once opposed it now warmly embrace the “gay” agenda
  • “Americans overwhelmingly oppose same-sex marriage” – a state-by-state breakdown of the battle over homosexual marriage legalization
  • “Obama fighting on 3 fronts for open homosexuality in the military” by Art Moore, a definitive exploration of what will happen to America’s fighting forces if coerced into participating in a radical social experiment. The evidence – backed up by over 1,100 generals and admirals – is indisputable: The effect on the U.S. military of mandating the acceptance of open homosexuality throughout the services will be nothing short of disastrous
  • “America on the brink” by David Kupelian, who shows why and how, almost without fanfare, thousands of years of moral progress is currently being undone
  • “The ‘gay’ deathstyle” by J. Matt Barber, in which the attorney explores implications of the shocking news that 20 percent of “gay” males in the U.S. are HIV-positive
  • “The zero-sum game of ‘gay rights'” by Peter LaBarbera, an eye-opening survey of casualties in the escalating war between homosexual activism and Americans’ freedom of conscience
  • “What’s causing all the ‘gay’ teen suicides?” by Linda Harvey, who shows that while some blame anti-homosexual bigotry, the truth may be quite the opposite
  • “The end-of-civilization question” by Brian Fitzpatrick, an amazing, in-depth exploration – citing top experts from historian Arnold Toynbee to anthropologist J.D. Unwin (author of the classic “Sex and Culture”) – proving the oft-repeated biblical premise that widespread embrace of homosexuality does indeed cause societies to fail. Unwin, who studied over 80 different cultures to determine why some continued to flourish while others withered and died, confirmed the worst fears of traditionalist voices: Societies unravel when their moral foundation is undermined
  • “Sex and consequences” by Jill Stanek, on the core dynamic of life everyone wants to ignore.

“This issue of Whistleblower is simply terrific,” said WND Editor Joseph Farah, “and there is no other news organization that will provide this kind of amazing information and analysis on a critical issue most are afraid to touch.

“Everybody who wants the America of the future to remain ‘a shining city on a hill’ needs to read ‘AMERICA’S GAY OBSESSION’ – and share it with others,” he said.

Added Kupelian: “I know everyone these days is preoccupied with politics and the economy, and may feel that ‘gay rights’ is just some ‘marginal social issue.’ I have news for you: This ‘marginal’ issue is increasingly outlawing the Christian faith. That’s not an exaggeration:Owen and Eunice Johns, a lovely Christian couple, want to open their home to foster children – but the government refuses and condemns them because they’re Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin.

“Get it? It’s no longer a matter of whether homosexuals are fit to adopt children or take them in as foster parents,” said Kupelian, “but rather, it is now Christian parents who are considered unacceptable to raise children. This is happening more and more.

“If you want to stop the rapid criminalization of Christianity, you need to read ‘AMERICA’S ‘GAY’ OBSESSION.'”


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