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‘Hate’ Laws Could Label 5-Year-Olds ‘Offenders’ WorldNetDaily 03/05/10
Attack On ‘Biology-Based’ Restrooms Sparks Backlash WorldNetDaily 03/02/10
Storm Brewing Over ‘Biology-Based’ Locker Rooms WorldNetDaily 02/27/10
‘Czar’ Sees Transgender School Goals In Reach WorldNetDaily 02/25/10
Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation to 5 Year Olds Fox News 08/26/09
Condom Lessons For 6th-Graders Approved WorldNetDaily 02/14/08
Sex-Ed Curriculum Includes Field Trip To Buy Condoms WorldNetDaily 02/02/08
District Lessons Teach ‘Erotic’ Sex Techniques WorldNetDaily 01/19/08
PTA Endorses Demand To Show LGBTs Positively WorldNetDaily 09/14/07
Telling Kids LGBT ‘Innate’ Challenged WorldNetDaily 08/01/07

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