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Why Donate to the Protect Kids Foundation

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Why Donate to the Protect Kids Foundation

To help protect Little Kids.

      To stop schools from robbing little children of their innocence.
      To stop schools from encouraging them to try alternative sexual lifestyles.
      To stop teachers from confusing them about their gender development.
      To protect kids from being sexualized at very early ages.
      To protect them from being indoctrinated and recruited into LGBT lifestyles.

To help protect Parents’ Rights.

      To help parents know what is being taught to their children.
      To empower parents to remove their children from curriculum
         they deem to be offensive or damaging.
      To help protect Family and Parent-Child Relationships.
      To stop schools from usurping the role of parents.
      To stop schools from teaching children to be intolerant of the values taught at home and
         that their parents and grandparents are bigots if they do not accept the school’s
         radical redefinition of sex, marriage, and family.

To help protect Our Freedoms.

       To stop government from over-reaching into the private affairs of its citizens and their families.
       To stop schools from damaging children’s respect for authority and for government.
       To stop political activists from getting preferential treatment and rights.

To help protect Freedom of Speech.

       To stop political activists from intimidating everyone else into silence and submission.
       Democracy requires the rational exchange of ideas.
          It corrupts the political process to have militants “dehumanize dissent” by
          dismissing traditional values as the product of “bigotry”.

To help protect Freedom of Religion.

       To stop demonizing religious beliefs as “bigoted,” “irrational” and “motivated by hate.”
       To stop demanding that religious viewpoints be denied a voice in the public square.
       To stop coercing citizens to act against their conscience and belief.
       To stop granting LGBT lifestyles protected and preferential status over religious beliefs.

To help protect Traditional Moral Values.

      To stop having schools stigmatize the normal and normalize alternative sexual lifestyles.
      To stop schools from damaging children’s respect for religion and traditional moral values.
      To stop schools from teaching that moral values are no longer relevant. 

To help protect Public Education.

      To stop schools from abusing their positions as role models and authority figures.
      To stop sexualizing education and children. 
          Schools should be a neutral zone. 
          Schools should not teach and promote sexual lifestyles. 
      To have schools improve the teaching of academics.


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