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News: “Better Education = Better Community”

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Better Education = Better Community
Posted by Becky Yeh
OneNewsNow – 12/14/2010

Parents and students of an impoverished California city are demanding quality education to be enforced in one of the state’s worst-performing school systems.

Roughly 85 parents and children of the Compton Unified School District recently made their way to district headquarters with a petition, which included the signatures of 62 percent of the parents, demanding that McKinley Elementary School be placed under the management of a charter school company.

Greg Quinlan, who established the Pro-Family Network in 1996, applauds Compton parents for taking the initiative and requesting a better education for their children.

“Now it’s time to do these independent charter schools, which are still public schools…where parents can be more involved, where parents have control, where parents have the say-so,” he contends.

The Compton Unified School District, which resides in an impoverished neighborhood where gang and violent crimes persist, is infamous for low-ranking test scores and poorly-managed schools. But with a quality education, Quinlan believes children change, and that affects the community for the better.

“Their focus is different; their direction is different. They’re given tools to learn. And when parents get involved in the education, it’s a win-win,” he decides.
The Pro-Family Network founder further argues that children and education — not the entanglement of special interest groups and the state government — should be the government’s top priority.


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