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Harming Children

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Harming Children

Destroying Innocence
A growing number of elementary schools are adopting curricula affirming lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (“LGBT”) lifestyles.
These curricula require that LGBT themes are central in every school course and that they are always presented in a positive light.
Kids as young as 5 are being told that every type of LGBT sexual behavior is a normal and positive experience and should be explored. Kids are also being encouraged to publicly declare their sexual orientation (called “coming out.”)

Parents are denied the right to know about any of this or to opt their children out of these programs. And anyone who disagrees or questions these programs is called hateful and labeled a bigot.

Children need an innocent and carefree childhood to develop properly. Advocating LGBT sexual practices in grades K-5 exposes children to themes they are too young to understand and robs them of their innocence. And once innocence is lost, it’s gone forever. Asking little kids to publicly identify their sexuality can lock them into gender choices and sexual lifestyles they may not otherwise have selected, or might otherwise have outgrown.

We want little kids left alone. We don’t want their sexuality confused or coerced by radical school boards and activist teachers.

Confusing Gender
LGBT activists are teaching elementary school children that being a boy or a girl is not a part of nature, but a product of social conditioning. These 5 to 10 year olds are being told that they should choose the gender they “think they want” and change their sexual identity whenever they feel like it. Parents are not to be consulted or involved. According to California law, children may now self-identify their gender, despite their anatomical make-up. (California Education Code Section 210.7)

Kids are also being taught that “transgendered rights” include the right to use either the boy’s or girl’s restrooms, and as teens that they can use whichever gender locker-room makes them feel most comfortable. The feelings of others are not considered.

All of this confuses elementary school children. Children aged 5 to 10 should not be pushed into prematurely embracing a sexual identity or selecting a gender. This is child abuse. Little kids are not prepared to deal with these issues. And schools are not equipped or qualified to deal with them – which is why they bring in LGBT advocates to promote their agendas to teachers and little children.

These messages cause young children anxiety, create unnecessary doubts about their own gender, and promote lasting self-esteem issues by not affirming innate male and female distinctions.

Sexualizing Kids
Political radicals believe that early sexualization of children is beneficial to the process of discovering their sexuality. School Boards are adopting required reading lists for elementary grades that promote alternative sexual lifestyles, teach kids that they can “choose” their own gender, and that if you are not LGBT you are automatically a bigot. Examples of books that 5 and 6 yr olds are to read, include: All I Want To Be Is Me; Heather Has Two Mommies; Harvey Milk Story; and tango makes 3, etc.)

Kids in grades K-5 are being encouraged to explore every type of sexual behavior in order to appreciate and not disapprove of them. Kids in kindergarten are being taught about masturbation and kids in first grade are being given condoms.

LGBT indoctrination sexualizes kids at very early ages. And once their world is sexualized, they see everything through sexual eyes. There is no going back. This pushes them to explore their sexuality and engage in sex before they are old enough to understand the consequences of sexual activity.


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