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News: “Public School Pro-‘Gay’ Films = Indoctrination”

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Public School Pro-‘Gay’ Films = Indoctrination
Posted by Bill Bumpas
OneNewsNow – 11/23/2010

Parents in Vallejo, California are up in arms over a plan for public schools to teach elementary students about homosexual relationships.

Angry parents are protesting the showing of the three films, That’s a FamilyLet’s Get Real and Straightlaced, all of which promote the idea that same-sex relationships are just as normal as any other family structure. The videos are being mandated as part of a legal settlement between the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Vallejo Unified School District following an incident in which an openly homosexual student claimed she was being harassed by teachers and staff for her sexual orientation.

“The fact that they’re just taking one group and providing films on them shows that this tends to be…a form of indoctrination,” suggests Kevin Snider, chief counsel for the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI). “And so we think, under those circumstances, parents surely should be notified and allowed to review the materials, and if they find them objectionable, [they should be able] to opt out.”

So his legal group is trying to help parents get to the bottom of this controversy.

“Our position is that no child should be bullied or harassed for any reason [and] that all children deserve safe schools. But the fact that they specifically keep other kids out of instruction on diversity and anti-bullying, including religious kids, racial minorities [and] kids with disabilities, we think is unconscionable and not consistent with the law,” Snider contends.
He tells OneNewsNow he hopes pressure from parents will help the board realize that all students deserve protection — not just homosexuals and lesbians.


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